Traditional Processing

At OrangePay we always have your best interests at heart. We don’t sell you services or equipment that you don’t need. Our goal is to help you find the best and most effective solution for your business.

Traditional credit card processing refers to the conventional method of handling credit card transactions in a brick-and-mortar or online business setting. It involves a series of steps and key players to facilitate secure and efficient payments. OrangePay makes this process seamless and easy for your business!

Process All Payment Types

Start accepting payments today with credit, debit, gift and chip cards, as well as NFC payments like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay and Garmin Pay.

Accept Payments On The Move

Our solutions are fully integrated with a wide range of terminal and software applications, including the latest in mobile and EMV technology. Accept payments in-store, on the road and online.

Easy & Simple Setup

We make it easy, simple and fast to get set up and start accepting payments. Once you’re set up, start receiving deposits in your bank account instantly.

EMV & PCI Compliant

We ensure that you and your business are protected from fraud. All our solutions are EMV and PCI compliant.

Lowest Rates Always

We are known in the industry for our transparent and extremly low fees. Schedule a callback today and let’s start putting money back into your pocket.

"Joe and I have done business for a long time. Honesty is hard to find around here. At our restaurant, OrangePay saved us thousands of dollars compared to companies that were enticing us with sales tactics of lowering cents while charging more in dollars behind the scenes."

Johnny, Il Vizio Ristorante

“We are proud to trust OrangePay with all our credit card processing needs. Whatever the team promises they deliver”

David Rosen Company

"OrangePay provided us with a customized solution for our 3 restaurants. It not only saved us money, but allowed us to understand and monitor our transactions online."

Tai Walker, Smokey Island Grille

OrangePay is based in New York, the heart of the economic world, and is one of USA’s fastest growing merchant services providers. Thousands of merchants are choosing OrangePay to save them money on their processing fees! Join today!

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