Zero Fee Processing

Federal regulations have recently changed in favor of business owners and as a result, businesses are now able to legally offer a zero fee program which eliminates credit card processing fees for the merchant.

In the ever-evolving landscape of payment processing, innovative solutions like Zero Fee Processing, Cash Discount, and Dual Pricing are transforming the way businesses handle transaction costs. Recent regulatory changes have opened doors for businesses to adopt these strategies, enabling them to minimize or completely eliminate traditional processing fees. At OrangePay, we’re at the forefront of this payment revolution, providing you with the expertise and technology to embrace these cost-saving methods while staying compliant with the latest regulations.

Substantial Cost Savings

With our Zero Fee Program, you can pass on a portion or all of the processing cost to customers who choose to pay with credit cards. This translates into substantial cost savings, allowing you to retain more of your hard-earned revenue.

Enhanced Profit Margins

The reduced overhead from eliminating credit card fees directly contributes to improved profit margins. Businesses can redirect these savings into growth initiatives, product development, or enhancing customer experiences, ultimately driving profitability.

Price Transparency

Zero Fee Processing promotes price transparency by clearly indicating the difference in pricing between cash and credit card transactions. Signage and Marketing Material is provided to all stores. This transparency builds trust with customers, as they appreciate knowing exactly what they are paying for and how their payment method affects the final price.

Regulatory Compliance

Recent regulatory changes have enabled businesses to implement these cost saving strategies while remaining compliant. However, regulations are always changing and we ensure that you can navigate this evolving landscape confidently.

Competitive Advantage

Embracing Zero Fee Processing and related strategies can set your business apart from competitors. As more businesses implement these strucutures,  customers are increasingly price-conscious, and promoting price transparency can attract and retain more customers. This competitive advantage can lead to increased market share and growth opportunities.

You may be worried that customers would be put off by having to pay this extra processing fee. However, in a recent study conducted, 99.2% of customers did not complain about the extra fee. And even if they did, then they would still be able to pay with cash.

Payment Journal

"With the rising cost of inflation, Zero Fee Processing was the perfect solution for my store not to have to hike our prices."

Grant Jones, Jones Inc

In a cash discounting environment, a product costs $10.00. When a customer pays with cash, they will be charged the $10. However, if they pay with their card, the customer will be charged a 4% convenience fee and will be charged $10.40. The merchant receives the $10 and the $0.40 convenience fee is collected from the customer by OrangePay. All of this happens automatically by the terminal.

-Zero Fee Processing Explained

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